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My passion for publishing has developed over the course of my career from a need for missing resources that have either gone out of print or have simply not been created.

I have an ever expanding catalogue of editions, arrangements, transcriptions and republications. My current list of printed publications is shown on the right.

All physical printed items are printed and distrubuted by Lulu's print on demand service. Please take a look at my 'author spotlight' for more information. 

All digital versions are available to purchase and download from my via the link above. If I can help with you with publishing or making editions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Printed Catalogue


Cesar Franck


Jeffrey Joseph

  • Per Questa Bella Mano - Edition for Double Bass in Solo Tuning


  • Kicho - Transposed Piano part for double bass in solo or orchestral tuning


Giovanni Bottesini


Luigi Inzaghi
Flavio Arpini
Antonio Carniti

Teodoro Constantini

Cesare Lisei

Sergio Lini
  • Giovanni Bottesini - Musicista Cremasco

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